At this year’s Vault Fringe Festival (yes, this is now a thing) we’re banning exclamation marks. Yes, those little inverted ‘i’s. Why? Well, frankly their quirkiness makes us queasy; we find their edginess forced; we think they’re better suited to parish newsletters and transcripts for 1990s Harvey Norman (hardly normal) radio adverts. We’ve had enough of the hapless ‘I’ about to fall down an open manhole, the golf ball that’s come to rest short of the flagless flagpole, the limbless stick man who’s just pissed himself. Other festivals may like them. Other fringe festivals may even use them. Not us though. We’re the fringe of the fringes – no borders or tassels or Winklemen. Rather, 100 creatives (visual artists, performers, yellow pencil vendors, printmakers, illustrators, bio artists, jokers, comedians, photographers, street artists, fermenters, ranters, musicians, circus artists, puppeteers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, seriously…) in a concrete and glass Belfast bunker we’ve made our own and want you to become immersed in over the course of two days. It’s for over 18s and it’s £20 for one day, £30 for the whole 2-day shebang of performances and collaborations. And refreshments will be provided by The Sunflower Pub. 1st and 2nd June 2019.

Festival Line-up