Our vision

Hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings are vacant and decaying all over Belfast. Many long-term empty properties stay that way for years, even decades. Vault Artists Studios was established in 2017 to make use of these spaces and to provide a resource base for artistic talent to flourish.

We are an artist-led, not-for-profit arts charity whose mission is to provide affordable, creative workspaces for artists working across many different artforms.

We are an active community of visual artists, musicians, writers, photographers, videographers, puppeteers, comedians, arts organisers, curators, composers, and theatre makers. We thrive on our creative diversity and actively seek to engage with the local communities in which we are based.

We provide the opportunity for artists and craftspeople to create artwork and develop their professional art practice. We offer skills development for studio holders and increase employment opportunities, so that they may become self sustaining.

We generate greater awareness of the arts with the aim of stimulating interest and educating the public. We do this because we believe that engagement in culture and arts activities is of benefit to communities and the wider public and enhances their quality of life.

We see ourselves as a major contributor to the cultural identity of Belfast and the creative narrative of the city. We transform neighbourhoods and bring diversity and a sense of curiosity to commercial centres. Making space accessible to a wide variety of creative influences serves to enrich and develop the multicultural identity of our community.

We are  a community of artists and artists in the community.

A community of artists

We strive to foster an environment where collaborative working, skill sharing and participatory arts are fundamental to the dynamic of our creative community, and to provide a context in which those who work across multiple disciplines may thrive.We will nurture a culture of skill sharing and problem solving that crosses disciplines and boundaries. This enables members to develop and grow their creative practice in new and exciting ways.

Artists in the community

Our projects bring hundreds of visitors to our venues. Engaging with us through our many events becomes a unique and memorable experience. The sites we manage become iconic focal points for the communities they are a part of, attracting positive public and media attention.Our presence, in otherwise vacant buildings, improves the security of sites themselves as well as the surrounding community we become a part of. Stalled spaces exacerbate decline. Vacant land and buildings should not lie passive, but rather be reactivated by temporary uses wherever possible. Buildings are best maintained through use. Temporary use can bring places that have lost their former purpose back to life, protecting, rejuvenating and enhancing valuable social and cultural heritage. Temporary activities can harness local resources and foster new skills and capabilities.