Our Members

Jonny McEwen is a visual artist, his recent work involves digital and analogue paintings.

Ed Reynolds (aka steadyhanded) is a visual artist specialising in murals, caricature and illustration. He regularly teaches kids basic skills in drawing and painting. He is also multi instrumentalist and plays music nowadays for enjoyment purposes only!

Ursula Burns is a songwriter, composer, recording artist and Muliti-instrumentalist, who accidentally found herself performing comedy with her beloved harp.


Jamie Harper is a painter and a performance artist who specialises in portraiture and live art.

Christina Nelson, star of stage and screen, is one of Belfast’s leading actors. Christina also writes, directs and runs several youth theatres. She is one half of Tinynelson Productions, providing bespoke walkabout characters and shows for events.

Ash Reynolds is a visual artist working as a facilitator in Northern Ireland for the past 17 years. She works for several arts organisations, delivering creative and inclusive projects in many visual mediums. She has been a Vault member since the beginning in November 2016. Ash lives in East Belfast with her partner and son.

Rob Hilken is a visual artist and sometimes curator, and currently also works as Northern Ireland Manager for Visual Artists Ireland.


Eoin McGinn – Emic – is a street artist based in Belfast. Since 2012 he has been painting walls and exhibiting across the UK and Ireland.


Esther O’Kelly is a visual artist; her work explores the Irish Landscape and sense of place. Esther has had solo shows in the UK and Ireland.


Blue Whale are a jazz punk quartet from Belfast. Their cadenced, angular and atonal compositions are unique in their capacity to simultaneously provoke mental confusion and physical movement.


Living in caravans and big tops Angelique Ross has toured internationally with shows such as NoFit State’s, “Bianco.’ When she’s not being stood on and thrown about by Tumble Circus, she can be found touring her solo show SPIT. Angelique Ross is also a two-time Australian axe-throwing champion. “Brutality balanced by beauty” -The Age

Helen Ashton BA, is a theatre maker and circus artist. She graduated from East 15 Acting School and Belfast Circus. Helen creates pieces exploring a range of themes, including recent work around mental health/illness.

Robin Price is a digital artist working with code and electronics to make playful work.


Friz is a visual artist working in both traditional and digital mediums, most notably with spray paint.


Phil Harrison is a writer & filmmaker. He is currently completing his second novel and working on a series of film/photography projects.

Alana Barton is a visual artist working primarily in oils to produce paintings that explore a disturbed reality masked in a vibrant aesthetic.

Laura Nelson is a sculpture/installation artist. She works as a set and props-maker for community projects and theatre. She gets a big kick out of adding to the public landscape with her own ridiculous installation efforts, which increasingly seem to include a performance element.

Cathy Scullion is a recent graduate of fine art from Ulster University. Although graduating in fine art print she takes a multidisciplinary approach to her practice, and is a founding member of ‘Second Collective’.

Michael McCullagh is a singer/songwriter and screenwriter from Omagh, based in Belfast. He is currently releasing an independent web series and recording his debut album.

Adam Turkington is a freelance irritant and one half of Seedhead Arts. After an early career in the YMCA and Belfast City Council he now does stuff with street art, meantime use, lates, festivals, magic, cabaret and generally just being a pain in the ass.


Gerry Norman is the front man of A Plastic Rose. Currently working on many new projects including his debut solo album.

Anne Quail is a visual artist who has been working for many years facilitating creative projects within the community.

Kathryn Bannister is a visual artist and illustrator who currently specialises in painting.


Sinead O’Neill-Nicholl is a visual artist specialising in video & audio installation, sculpture and performance. A recent Fine Art graduate from Ulster University, Sinead is a founder member of Second Collective.


John Baucher is an artist, photographer, documentarian, facilitator, mentor (Prison Arts foundation), researcher and vexillologist. When asked what he does Baucher replied “I dunno I’m just a bloke trying to look and see you know, recording the present for the future”

Sally O’Dowd is a freelance visual artist and curator with a socially engaged practice. As a politically aware artist, her research is concerned with identity and in particular intimate female ritual and investigating the role – self selected and enforced – of women in contemporary Irish society.


Margaret Woods works with with different drawing mediums, printmaking and textiles . She is also interested in visual storytelling and illustration.

Cathy Hart is a sculptor and clown. She specialises in welding funky metal big birds for outdoor spaces.

Kerrie Hanna is an illustrator and artist/maker who specialises in stained glass painting and restoration. She is also a community artist, facilitating projects in ceramic sculpture, craft and digital manufacturing.


Wendynicole Keys is an artist /facilitator, working with sound, installation and anything she can use to make art. Yarn bombing to performance and everything in between.

Linda McBurney is a printmaker and artist at Belfast Print Workshop. Linda specialises in copper plate etching and experimental work using waterless lithography. She is currently focused on developing new work with a print process using soapflakes.

Amadan are wife & husband team Gemma Mae Halligan & Jude Quinn. Together they make physical theatre & facilitate workshops specialising in Clown & Bouffon.


Ray Bonner AKA Francois Got Buffed is a street artist/illustrator. He works in a variety of mediums and his work can be seen across the walls of the UK and Europe.


Neil Foster is a composer and performer who uses pianos, synths, percussion, samples and vocals to create ambient cinematic music.

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Tim Millen is a painter and photographer. His current painting practice explores intersections between nature and culture.

Jacob Anderson is a circus artist from Belfast. He is a human platform, a thrower of things and a catcher of people.

Julie Kinsella has over thirty years’ experience working in theatre, film and TV as an actress, writer and director throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Lesley Wilson is a botanical and wildlife artist/illustrator. She specialises in miniature painting and works mainly in watercolour and gouache.

Raquel Amat is an interdisciplinary printmaker based at Belfast Print Workshop, where she currently works as a technician. Seeking new printmaking approaches, she specialises in different printing techniques and their combination within other art disciplines. Among them, she works with ceramics, bookmaking and installations.

Ralph Connolly is an illustrator, sketch artist and character designer. He works in a range of traditional and digital media. He is currently developing new characters and seeing what stories they have to tell.


Mary Jordan is an actor, writer, theatre-maker, community facilitator, and loves creating walkabout characters.

Leo Boyd is a painter and screen printer who mashes up image forms and medias with abandon. He has a few current obsessions that include simulated post-humans, meat wagons & soviet propaganda which he puts down to a youth misspent reading too many comics.

Ali Fell is half of Seedhead Arts. She can usually be found making lists, applying gaffer tape or looking for bin bags. At all other times, she’ll be knitting.

Sinead Quinn is a circus artist living in Belfast. She teaches circus skills to all ages and currently performs as part of a duo act in street theatre and cabaret.

Jonathan Brennan is a multi-disciplinary artist working in printmaking, painting, photography, video and web.



Helen Gomez is an experimental cartoonist who posts a weekly online autobiographical comic. She is organises group zines and queer comic book clubs, just to keep even more busy, and finds comics just the best medium to explore the finer things in life, like trauma, bike accidents and the collapse of the human race.

Paul McGuinness is a musician based in Belfast. He is currently working on original material with the help of his imaginary friend, Ringo Starr.

Gail O’Brien is a dynamic contemporary Circus nerd. Most of the time she is spinning in circles with hoops and wheels the rest of the time she is walking very straight lines across wires or she’s in the sea. It’s confusing.

Paul Moore’s practice challenges interpretations of our being, geographically, mentally and physically, interrogating the ambiguity of information and its ability to express more than one interpretation of reality.


Wilhelmina Peace Covington is a visual artist working primarily with pencils, paints and paper. Her work explores depth psychology, mythology, poetry and the natural world.

Elaine Taylor is a sculptress, arts manager and facilitator. Having grown up immersed in stories of mythology and lore, these themes are now very present in her work from shop to classroom to field.

Dragoș Mușat is an illustrator and graphic designer using both digital and traditional mediums.
In his work he often returns to his origins in painting and sculpting, and as a music enthusiast he approaches sound design and acoustic guitar.
His main influences are 90’s cartoons, comics and sci fi literature.

Benén Dillon is a producer and project manager living in Belfast. He fabricates art and visual media for creative industries.

Dancer, choreographer, teacher. Recent graduate from CPAstudios, studying musical theatre. Emily McDonagh can be found busting her best moves, every weekend, at the Cabaret Supperclub. In her spare time likes to make shows with no money and a smile.

Dearbhla Reynolds, author of The Cultured Club Cookbook, has inspired many the kitchen experiment with ferments that deliberately bubble with bacteria. She is propelling the eating for wellness (and deliciousness) movement not just here in Ireland but globally, working with renowned restaurants and chefs. Her residency in the Vault studios gives opportunity to Ireland’s only dedicated Fermentation Laboratory allowing for further collaborations and experimentation.

Jasmin Märker is a bio-artist collaborating with members of the microbial kingdoms. Engaging with a variety of bio-cultures she seeks analogies to societal cultures thereby questioning the evolution of human psychology.


Mike Smith is a….shhhhh! Look out! Here he comes. Alright there, still playing with dolls? What? Oh, sorry, puppets!
Beg your pardon.
Ok, see you later.


Hannah Smith is a Painter & Technical Artist. Specialising in portraiture, she hopes to further explore colour and form to create works which include surreal and abstract elements. Hannah is also a Prop/ Set maker & makes hand painted signage for the building.


Joshua Burnside is a songwriter and producer from Co. Down. He is the most recent recipient of the Northern Ireland Music Prize for his debut album EPHRATA, which fuses alternative folk music with elements of sound-collage, Irish traditional, lo-fi, Cumbia, rock and Americana. He was chosen by NPR as one of the highlights of last years SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

Siobhan McKinley is an artist, youth worker and workshop facilitator living in Belfast. Exploring positive and negative space she works in various mediums including paper and textiles.

Kathryn McShane Kathryn is a sculptor and events manager. Through installation and narrative she questions political and social change in relation to arts and culture in Northern Ireland. She applies this train of thought when working with events to highlight in the importance of creativity in the wider community.


Trisha McNally is a freelance art facilitator who specializes in process lead workshops that nurture creativity, imagination and confidence. She has designed, delivered, evaluated and exhibited numerous outreach and educational art workshops throughout Northern Ireland and is passionate about the benefits of creative self-expression.

Cathy Brennan-Bradley has been a professional actress for over 35 years. She recently added to her training and studied the “other side” of the camera. She now also self shoots, writes and directs. She is delighted to be part of Vault Artists and is looking forward to much devising with her partners in crime Mary Jordan and Julie Kinsella.

Ross McClean is a filmmaker focusing on the formidable documentary form.

Jordan Robb is a multi disciplinary graphic designer specialising in motion graphics & video. He believes that good typography will save the world…and your life!

Emily McIlwaine is a weaver from County Down. She is interested in heritage craft and its role in contemporary culture. She explores the therapeutic benefits of slow making through immersive processes like hand spinning, natural dyeing and weaving. Embracing irregularities and evidence of the hand, Emily is motivated by ritual and rhythm.