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We decided right at the beginning that we would not apply for public funding to do what we do.

We keep our studio rents affordable and most of our public events are free to attend.

All donations are very gratefully received and will help us grow.

Buy Raffle Tickets-Summer 2021

Vault Summer Market 2021 Raffle Tickets

Our Legendary Vaulty Hampers are back!! Our Summer Hampers will be filled to the brim with local handmade art and craft, if your name is drawn you might be the proud new owner of fabulous prints, sculptures, textiles, event tickets and much more! Some goodies you may have seen at our very own Vault Pop up Shop.

You will also be able to buy individual tickets from our Vault Merchandise Table at the Vault Market for £2 per ticket.

Our draw will be made at 6pm on Sunday 29th of August.

£ 4.00
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