Breathe #2

Breathe #2

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Vault

Our first Breathe at Belfast Design Week was such a roaring success we’ve decided to give it a rattle at the NI Science Festival. We’re tired of the rigid formula of 20 slides for 20 seconds or 18 for 10 seconds or whatever the latest thing is, so we’re trying something new… and a bit more complicated.

You’ll get 10 six minute presentations from artists and scientists on the subject of ‘When Science and Art Meet…’ with the following slide times…
6 slides for 10 seconds each
6 slides for 20 seconds each
3 slides for 30 seconds each
1 Blank slide when the presenter is required to pause for 10 seconds
Then finish with 8 slides for 10 seconds each.

The theory is that these timing lead to more engaging presentations… it seemed to work so we’re trying again

Speakers include Emer Maguire, Rob Hilken, Ed Reynolds, Neil Foster, Jasmin Märker, Ruth Gray from Campervan of Dreams, Lisa Donaldson and Emma McAleer